Getting your home ready to go on the market

So you just listed your home with an agent and now they tell you to get your home ready for showings. What exactly dose that mean though?


You are putting your home on display for potential buyers. It is important to do some deep cleaning before you have your first shoppers drop by. Make sure that areas like linen closets and hall way closets can be easily opened and seen inside of. Clear away any clutter and items this obstruct views of the home. Clear ceilings of any dust or cobwebs that you may not have noticed.


Make sure your home is properly lit. Pick up extra light bulbs. Every room in the home should have a good amount of light, not only for your buyers but for any photos that may need to be taken for marketing your home as well.


If you have broken or leaking faucets fix them. You want to get the most for your home and the less repairs your buyers see the better chance you have of reaching your asking price. Check for broken steps both inside and outside. Make sure to clear pathways and give ease of access to all parts of the home.


You don’t have to go all out, but some amount of staging may give your home that extra little push to make it stand out in a buyer’s mind. Staging may be inside or outside the home. To learn more about staging your home check out HGTV’s 15 “Home Staging Essentials”

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