Buying Raw Land

Buying land can have many advantages. Raw land can be utilized for many things, among a few are farming, recreational use, camping, building and investments just to name a few. See 44 Uses for Raw Land

Things you should know before you buy

Water and Sewage. depending on where you are planning to buy your land will determine the type of water and sewage system you will use on your land. Make sure that you check land uses and zoning before you settle on the type of land that you want to buy. Will you use the county water supply or are you looking for land where you can drill your own well? Consider water and land rights.

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Property taxes. If you are looking at land for investing purposes make sure that you are aware of the local property taxes. Your taxes will go up once you add buildings to your land. Read more on property taxes

Cost of land maintenance. Even if you only plan to buy land and hold it for the long term you will still need to consider what it will cost to maintain the type of land that you have chosen. For example if you are buying land in a heavy forested area how much will the cost be to maintain fire safety standards? Also depending on the parcel will you need to add and maintain road access? All of these cost as well as others should be considered.

For more check out 10 Benefits of Owning Land (2023)

How To Buy And Finance Undeveloped Land

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